Teaching Philosophy

Inspiring cognitive learning and skill development, motivation and confidence through passion, meaningful learning, positive experiences and Differentiated Instruction.

Areas of Assistance

  • Grade K-12
  • Visual Arts
  • Gifted Learning
  • Organizational Strategies
  • Life Skills
  • Fine Motor Skill Development
  • Post-Secondary applications
  • Post-Secondary portfolio development
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) specifics

Feel free to meet with Ellie to discuss your student’s specific needs.

How to find the right tutor for your child

“The key to finding a good tutor for your child is finding someone who is the right fit for their personality as well as learning needs.  Each individual student needs assistance in a variety of ways, thus determining my value and ability to contribute to their learning.
My approach to working with each student starts with getting to know who they are and their interests, to discover and acknowledge specific areas of need, plus build a strong and trusting relationship. I continually work to individualize programming needs as we work through activities and the curriculum.  I go back to basics to determine their retention, processing ability and confidence levels.  My approach is to always build them up at their own pace for learning to be meaningful, successful, confident and fun.”

My goals:

  1. I want students to learn how to learn and become process thinkers.
  2. I want students to learn how they learn best so they can become individual advocates for their own educational needs. 
  3. I want students to learn that they don’t need to feel overwhelmed when faced with new challenges or old struggles because they have the tools to figure it out.   

A successful tutor will work with the student, parents, teachers and school support as part of the student’s learning team.  As a teacher and tutor I understand how to best communicate with all involved. 

“Ellie is attentive, intuitive and focused in her relationships with students.  Her dedication and creative problem solving has fostered success in all of her students.”
​Rebecca Zambrano
​Former Colleague, Alberta High School of Fine Arts
“Ellie Jensen is a teacher who continues to professionally develop and practice her skills keeping her knowledge and ability current and relevant.  Ellie teaches with humour, passion and compassion and it is for this reason, she has no trouble reaching the most challenging students.”  
​Suzanne McDowell
​Former Colleague, Westmount Charter School
“Before we found Ellie my son hated to go to tutoring.  It was a constant battle.  Now I truly believe he looks forward to going.  She makes sure his learning is always fun.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not a play date!  They put in an extreme amount of work into the one hour he is there.  When he is in school, he sits in math with zero understanding of what he is supposed to do.  Ellie has helped him feel more confident in asking for help in school.  She also has a way of explaining things to him so he learns and understands.  We feel very lucky to have found Ellie.”
​Parent of a current grade 6 student
​Vernon, BC
“My daughter has an anxiety disorder and truly struggled with math at school. Just the word ‘math’ would make her cry.  Ellie started tutoring her in February and has built her confidence up in less than 3 months to where she thinks math is fun! Ellie uses a variety of teaching methods to help put the fun into her learning.  She works with my daughter’s teacher and myself closely and offers valuable ideas on how to help her.  It is amazing to see my daughter enjoy learning!
​Parent of a current grade 4 student
​Vernon, BC